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In the table below, you will find a selection of Inuktitut words from various sources with their given English translations.  When you click on any of those words, either in roman alphabet or in syllabics (the Inuktitut word in syllabics for 'maligaliurvia' is a clickable bitmap image),you will get the same result as when a request is sent to the NRC’s Inuktitut Morphological Analyser to decompose the word and return the results in a new window.

Word Meaning Source

(its) Legislative Assembly (of ...)

Nunavut Hansard


I move (an amendment)

Nunavut Hansard


by cooperation

Nunavut Hansard


she couldn’t make them understand

Intermediate Inuktitut
(M. Mallon)


I cannot remember

Inuit uqausiqatigiit
(L.-J. Dorais)


(they) were going toward the place where one gets drinking water

Inuit uqausiqatigiit
(L.-J. Dorais)


Look up (MLA contact) information


(NPC’s main function is) to develop policies
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