Inuktitut Computing

The UQAILAUT Project

Transliteration of Inuktitut Web Pages
from Syllabics to Roman Alphabet

With this tool, HTML Web pages written in the Inuktitut syllabic writing system and displayed on your favorite browser can be converted to the roman alphabet in a single click. To use it, you will have to add a link onto the ‘link’ or ‘personal’ bar of your browser. You can get the Inuktitut Page Transliteration link here.

Every element of text in the HTML page that is displayed with an UNICODE1 Inuktitut font is transliterated, that is, rewritten, into the roman alphabet and put back in the page in replacement of the syllabic text. For example, the image on the left shows a page displaying syllabic text in the Firefox browser, and the image on the right shows a copy of that page where the text is now in roman alphabet. Of course, text displayed as an image cannot be transliterated.

1 Syllabic text presented with a legacy font like Prosyl or Nunacom cannot be transliterated at the moment.

Optimally, the transliterated page should be an exact copy of the original page, except for the text that will be in the Latin alphabet. This will be the case if the HTML code of the original page is written in conformity with the HTML specifications. Otherwise, some text elements might not be transliterated.

The original contents of this site was developed by Benoît Farley at the National Research Council of Canada.