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This site has been put up to make sure that the work that was done and the web applications that were developed at the National Research Council of Canada continue to live now that the project on the Inuktitut language is closed. I wanted that people who used to use those applications and people who accessed information on may continue to do so. But I am now retired. I will spend the necessary time to rewrite the Inuktitut Morphological Analyzer in PHP—because as things are now, the analyzer in its Java form cannot run on this server—, but it is very unlikely that I will develop new applications on an active basis.

However, if you find a fault in the web applications or in the inuktitut linguistic data, or if you want to suggest any improvement, or ask a question (which I will answer with great pleasure), please send me a note to the following address:

contact at inuktitutcomputing dot ca

Benoît Farley

The original contents of this site was developed by Benoît Farley at the National Research Council of Canada.